When you plan your wedding for months or even years ahead of time, there is no way of knowing what will happen on the actual day. The weather could be bad, your car might break down, or, worst of all, your wedding dress can catch fire during your sparkler exit like one of the poor brides in this list.

I’ve rounded up the best and worst confessions from guests and couples. From drunken groomsmen to the weird uncle who mom made you invite. 

So, sit back and enjoy this list of confessions of wedding day disasters, that hopefully won’t happen to you!

“A hot summer wedding in a church with no air conditioning. All the windows were open as the soloist was singing with a booming operatic voice. A fly went into her mouth. The song ended.” —Anonymous

“A groomsman got drunk and yelled “TIE FIGHT” on the dance floor. He started slapping people w/his tie and no one joined in.” —Angelique

“The last wedding I went to the bride threw the bouquet and ran backwards into everyone to catch it herself.” —Tanner

“Since we got married on a farm, there were some animals wandering around the property. During cocktail hour, a goat went rogue and decided to eat a bunch of our appetizers.” —Daisy

“My dress caught on fire during our sparkler exit and I had no idea until people started screaming and stomping out the flames. I guess that’s what it means when your friends and family ‘have your back.”  —Laura

“I had prepared a video to play instead of a traditional speech because I knew that I would get too emotional speaking in front of everyone. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the projector and I had to read my speech after all! It ended up being a very emotional outburst of feelings, now known as ‘the never-ending thank you speech’.” —George

“As part of the ceremony, there were two times when we said a blessing and drank wine. I was only expecting one, and I was so flustered and surprised that I accidentally knocked the cup and spilled wine all over the bride’s dress. Thankfully, she’s still my wife three years later.” —belnoah

“The groom’s uncle shoved his fingers into the cake because he “thought it was fake.” —Misty

“I once went to a wedding where the bride’s uncle was asked to leave for trying to start the wave during the vows.” —Jimmy

“Walking grandma down the aisle she whispers “it’s sad Ashley will never be married.” I’m Ashley.” —Ashley