There’s lots about a wedding day that’s traditional and there’s certain milestones throughout the day, that are truly magical. There’s the walk down the aisle. You two seeing each other for the first time. The kiss after becoming married, the speeches, the first dance and the cutting of the cake.

But one of the most underrated parts of the wedding is the entrance into the reception as a married couple. It’s one of those parts of the day that most couples don’t seem to give too much thought to, but it is one of the most enjoyable. It’s the first time you’ll be referred to as Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs Mr & Mr, or the bride and groom etc. Generally your guests all rise to their feet and cheer and clap and it’s just a truly awesome moment.

So why not give some thought to how you’re actually going to do your entrance? From flash mobs, to balloon drops to everything in between, there are plenty of ways to really make your entrance.

Here’s a list of my top favorite Grand Entrance ideas to inspire you and give you the ultimate wedding reception entrance!


Walking through the tunnel formed by the hands of the bridal party is a fun entertaining wedding reception entrance idea. It will keep everyone in the reception amazed and involved. The DJ should be instructed to play some lively music at the time of entrance.

Sparkler Entrance

Technology has come a long way. With that, so has pyrotechnics. You can make your grand entrance a light show with indoor fireworks using “Sparkular” machines. These guaranteed-safe, cold spark fountains are rented through vendors trained in the set-up and execution of these displays. To add even more magic to your entrance, consider a cold ice fog machine to cover the floor with clouds

Flash Mob

This is a pretty bold move, and it is so fun! If you have a wedding party that is super into the wedding entrance, let them choreograph a flashmob for their entry! This could be even more fun if some members slipped quietly into the reception/cocktail hour without being announced. This will make it even more surprising for guests! A flashmob entrance will take more effort and thought, even if a trendy, well-known dance is chosen.

Embracing Cultural Traditions

In India, it’s customary for the groom to make a grand entrance called the baraat, where he arrives with live music and dancing while riding a horse (or elephant). While you may not be able to ride in on an elephant in the US, you can embrace the spirit of the baraat with a live band and vibrant street parade.

Balloon, Petals, Or Confetti Drop

If you want your wedding reception entrance to be a true spectacle, consider a big, show-stopping drop! Many couples enjoy rose petals for this (fake or real) because rose petals are romantic. Balloons set a festive vibe, and confetti is just plain ole fun that yells out “Party!”

Silhouette Entrance

A different and fun idea for a wedding reception entrance is to use a projection screen to create your silhouette for your guests to see. Some couples even go a step further and begin their first dance behind the screen, and then make their way onto the dance floor. This is a beautiful and very romantic way to enter — plus it makes for fantastic photos.

The wedding reception entrance is something that everyone anxiously awaits. It’s up to you to make your wedding reception entrance special. Trying something out of the box may make this already special day even more memorable for everyone. There are so many ideas about wedding reception entrances that can put all your guests in a celebratory mode while keeping within your planned budget. 

Just remember, be yourself! Some people will go for the shock value and others go for sweet and romantic -but whatever you do, make sure it feels authentic for you. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable and able to enjoy YOUR moment to its fullest.