You might be a little nervous about stepping in front of the camera, and that’s okay! For most people, the only time being in front of the camera professionally was for their Senior High School pictures. It’s my job to make you feel relaxed and at ease while providing plenty of direction. Here are 7 tips to help you get the best experience from your photo session.

1. Find your Photographer

This should go without saying, but you are going to get the best photos by hiring a professional photographer. If possible, I recommend booking your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. This gives you an opportunity to get comfortable and connect with your photographer prior to your big day, making for even better photos on your wedding.

2. Have a plan 

What kind of shots are you envisioning for your big day or for your engagement session? With most weddings, photographers know there is a general list of images to capture (i.e. the kiss, the first dance). But are there any other images you would like? Working with a photographer(s) who understands what you want, will result with beautiful photos you love! One of the best things you can do to eliminate stress for yourself on the big day is to create a timeline for your photographer. It’s important to discuss when and where the shots will take place and to schedule plenty of time for your wedding photos. The less-stress you are are during the portrait session, the happier you’ll be and a happy bride makes for great photos.

3. Practice posing

Any pose, no matter how brilliant in theory, can crumble without a solid foundation. So start with your posture. Great posture goes a long way in making you look happier, healthier, more fit and more confident. The next step in knowing how to pose for your wedding or engagement photos is finding or knowing your ‘angles.’ Once you know your ‘best side,’ always pose with your best face forward.

4. Find locations for portraits

Location is everything, so before you head out to your neighborhood park for photos, search locations around your wedding venue, that you really love as a couple and what places reflect that. For engagement photo sessions, If you love making coffee together and snuggling on the couch with some good ole Netflix, maybe an at-home session is right for you. Are you an adventurous couple who spends your weekends hiking? Take your photos in the forest or mountains. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite activities like riding bikes or taking a canoe down to the lake. 

5. Must-bring essentials

For Engagement photos, you may want to consider bringing an extra outfit incase you have a wardrobe malfunction or want to change looks and also an extra pair of shoes that are comfortable incase there’s some walking you have to do in between locations. The next item or essentials on the list that you should consider bringing should be a comb or a hairbrush, especially if your shoot is outdoors. You could also bring touch up makeup, a compact mirror and maybe wet naps and paper towels if you feel they may be needed. Last but not least bring along a bottle of water or something to drink.

6. Engagement Photo Session

Think of your engagement photo session as a rehearsal for the wedding. So it’s just like a dinner rehearsal, but with photos. This will be your chance to get to know your photographer(s) and get comfortable with them. Engagement photos capture beautiful moments of your time as an engaged pair and your photos can be used on everything from your wedding website to your social media feed, they’ll also give you an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and learn how to pose for portraits before the wedding day arrives.

Make your engagement session part of a day-long date.

7. Have fun

When the day of the shoot arrives, forget about everything else and just focus on one another. Thats why you’re there. Try to put any pressures and concerns behind you. Just be yourselves and have fun! This will bring out the photographs that you’ll love the most! You want to capture the moments that’s most natural of you two together. Those little moments of you two in love that’s never photographed, those are the big moments that I love capturing of my couples!


Shot list and bring your dog for e-session

You can look for images that you love and make a Pinterest board on your phone. Search for photos that are in a similar settings as your planned locations. For example; if you’re having your portraits taken sunset on the beach, you could search for sunset couple beach photos, that resonates with you the most. Show your fiancé and photographer so everyone’s on the same page. If you want to include your dog(s) in the shoot, ask your photographer if your fur-baby(ies) can be apart of the session and check for dog restrictions at the locations that you choose.