· Traditional or Classic

You may have heard the wedding rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe” A traditional or classic wedding typically includes the couple marrying in a church or in a religious like setting with the bride in an all white princess ball-gown wedding dress and the groom in black tie and tuxedo. The rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” refers to the things a bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day to have a successful marriage.

· Romantic

A romantic wedding is accentuated by elegant details and small sweet touches. A wedding is always romantic in most arrangements so the idea of a romantic wedding will be different from couple to couple. The key to designing a romantic wedding is for the couple to find images that inspire romance to them. For some couples lots of beautiful roses and a candle lit image conjures romance. For other couples a lovely picnic on a beach with white sand may embody their romance or listening to the sounds of the forest and watching the stars under a blanket may be the definition of romance for another couple. What is your definition of romantic?

· luxurious

Luxury can mean many things to many people but I think it’s really more of an experience. Luxury is more of an emotion you feel. You feel luxury through the experience you have. Whether it’s staying in a luxury hotel or resort, buying a luxury brand, dining in a fabulous restaurant; they’re all part of an overall experience and they create a feeling.

· Contemporary

From contemporary table settings to cake designs, colour schemes and dresses. Find your favourite elements so you can infuse them into your special day! Also, contemporary brides, take note of all the gorgeous ways you can celebrate with modern style and flair. Flowers, decorations, furniture.

· Destination

A destination wedding is an amazing opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage in a dream destination of their choosing – no matter how far away. Most often, it involves getting married at an exquisite and exclusive venue outside of the United States, in tropical locations like the Caribbean or Mexico.

· Rustic

Rustic weddings usually feature decorative elements created from everyday things, making them great opportunities to reuse found objects and forgotten items that would be considered as waste otherwise.

· Bohiemin

The boho wedding style can range from casual beach to romantic countryside and includes carnival, woodland and free-spirited festival. One of the key looks for a boho bride is the hair, it should shout out effortless & carefree. Think pretty mussed up waves, loose plaits, fishtail braids and braided hair crowns with forehead bands and flower headpieces.

· Vintage

Vintage weddings can mean different eras, pop culture, or trends such as The Great Gatsby, Downtown Abbey, rock & roll, rustic, Hawaiian, and more. When approaching your wedding design much thought needs to be given to exactly what vintage means to you, this will certainly help your wedding stylist/planner pull together elements for your wedding to be in theme, from the initial save the date cards, to the design, decoration, music and cars.

· Beach

A beach wedding should be a magical experience for the bride, groom and guests. It’s an unconventional venue for tying the knot, but it’s also one that evokes a lot of passion and sentimentality, especially if it’s somewhere that’s mutually meaningful for the couple.

· Vineyard

In recent years, vineyard wedding venues have become increasingly popular. They’re particularly dreamy and romantic, and have lots of desirable amenities, ample outdoor space, and plenty of gorgeous backdrops for your wedding photos.
Vineyards are gorgeous throughout every season, but keep in mind that the passing of each month will change the vine leaves and foliage. If you want your wedding photographs to have a backdrop of lush green vines, you’ll want to book the venue before the August harvest.

· Backyard

If you’re planning on keeping things a little more sentimental with a small and sweet backyard wedding, there are many logistical issues that are different from those of a more traditional ceremony. While a backyard ceremony gives you more control over the specifics of your wedding day, planning the ceremony will require more thought into the smaller details. The number one way to do any wedding right is to have an abundance of love, but you’ll need help doing the things that ordinarily banquet staff at a venue would do. Also keep in mind backyard weddings are usually synonymous with uncovered, roofless and exposed. This means knowing what weather could or might do and being prepared for a plan b.