Hello, I’m Antonius but you can call me Tony. I was born and raised in North East Ohio. 

 Growing up, I was always fascinated by my father’s photography equipment. He had so much photography gear! Fancy lenses, remote controls for his camera, and all sorts of gadgets I couldn’t even name. Whenever my Dad wasn’t home, I would go through his photo albums and admire the photos he took throughout the years.

One day when I about 5 years old, My dad went out of town for the week and he had left his camera on the table. I was so excited! I started playing around with the camera and seeing what it could do. Just like any other kid, I took pictures of everything. The light switch at night. My face in the mirror the next day after waking up. A photo of me pretending to be asleep… because why not?

My interest in photography grew, and when we went on a family vacation, I took pictures of everything I saw… the sunset over the ocean, each slide at an amusement park, my siblings having fun, whatever it was that caught my eye.

One day, after I shot my fair share of weddings, I told my mother that I wanted to take on wedding photography as my career, she told me how my late grandfather was also a wedding photographer. I was so shocked  that I just went speechless for a few minutes, but after I realized what she told me, I was even more determined to make this dream of mine come true.